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JT x HSP 68/4500 Tank - Grey Camo

JT x HSP 68/4500 Tank - Grey Camo

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The JT x HSP compressed air tank is made from carbon fiber and is the perfect choice for the player who wants to upgrade to a High Pressure Air system without breaking the bank. Custom print featuring JT and Hollywood Sports Logos, and our signature grey Camo pattern thoughout center. LIMITED EDITION.

  • 68 cubic inch sized cylinder
  • Paintball Industry standard 4500 PSI fill capacity with an 800 PSI output pressure
  • Reliable JT Basics regulator
  • Utilizing Pure Energy technology regulators that lead the industry in flow, stable pressure output and efficiency
  • Both high and low pressure rupture disks installed for the highest level of safety
  • Stainless Steel V3.0 fill nipple
  • 6000 psi gauge
  • Regulators are installed by qualified technicians and meet or exceed all industry standards
  • All components meet or exceed all ASTM, DOT, TC or CGA standards or requirements
  • Five year retest cycle
  • 4 inch diameter, 11 inch length
  • Tank must be filled prior to use
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